Keep Your Workforce
Safe &

In these troubled times we need a weapon to catch infections as early as possible to help avoid further business shutdowns. A two-week shutdown can cost small to medium size businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost wages.

Our touch-free fever detection tablet gives your company peace of mind knowing that you can catch irregular employee and visitor temperatures before it’s too late.

Full Integration

Installation includes a robust spreadsheet-based Time & Attendance software. Complete integration into existing T&A and payroll systems is fully supported.

Management Alerts

Management is alerted of every face and temperature scan via configurable phone & desktop notifications.

Access Control

Unlock doors using face recognition or from your phone. Deny access to terminated employees or those with abnormal temperatures.

Policy Compliance

Enforce wearing of masks with the mask detection feature. Track temperature and people flow trends throughout your facility.

What Questions Do You Have?

Great work! The entire process was 100% seamless.

Guy O. / 07.01.2020

Super fair prices and exceptional work all around!

Brian B. / 06.20.2020